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WhatsApp in the USA: An Entrepreneur’s Essential Tool

13 Feb 2024 admin

WhatsApp hasn’t really been too strong in the US, but that is changing. The way entrepreneurs and companies communicate is about to take a significant shift. This is amazing, and we are about to explore why so buckle up! 

Seamless Business Communication 

WhatsApp is a great way to communicate for businesses. It has features like instant messages, voice memos, groups / chats and all these can be used by entrepreneurs to seamlessly connect with their own team, their clients, partners (business and ‘other’) and anyone from around the world basically. This is real-time communication on a global scale! 

Global Reach and Connectivity

Ah, Globalization! Tis a beautiful thing, isn’t it? WhatsApp makes doing business abroad even easier. You can easily communicate with whoever you want, regardless of their geographical location. Unless, of course, the internet hasn’t quite yet made its way to your partner’s location, and somehow I doubt that would be the case (call it intuition). 

Customer Engagement and Support

WhatsApp is brilliant for communicating and customer engagement. There are many companies globally that now even use WhatsApp as their main support platform,. and no, I don’t mean therapy (although that would be amazing if it were possible). Helpdesks and customer support hotlines are now moving to secure WhatApp lines. 

Efficient File Sharing and Collaboration

Business owners and key stakeholders constantly share documents, files and provide updates whilst on the move and what better way to do this than WhatsApp? It’s quick, easy, familiar and not restricted to a single country or continent. 

In conclusion, entrepreneurs now have a new way to communicate, market and promote. Broadcast messages too are a quick and easy way to market your products or services to all your contacts at once. Literally. The fact that WhatsApp hasn’t caught on in the US before is probably to benefit cell carriers (don’t quote me on that) but now, we should embrace its power and use it wisely!