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Savoring the Entrepreneurial Journey: Embracing the “Sweet Todays”

9 Feb 2024 admin

Carpe Diem in Entrepreneurship: The Wisdom of Omar Khayyam

“Dead yesterdays and unborn tomorrows, why fret about it, if today be sweet.” 

These words from Omar Khayyam will pretty much always be relevant, even a million years from now. He was a celebrated Persian Mathematician during the 10th century and he gave us some incredible quotes of wisdom that are still widely known today. 

Entangled in Time: The Entrepreneurial Struggle

Everyone chases success and we all want it. That being said, I know I am not alone when I say that I sometimes find myself focusing on the past and wondering ‘’what if I did this differently’’ or looking too far into the future, which ends up making me overthink. This quote is a gentle reminder that we should always stay and live in the present, and that is huge for an entrepreneur. 

Life’s Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster: A Whirlwind of Challenges

As an entrepreneur, you probably deal with some insane deadlines. Not just that – you also have to juggle launches, chase innovation and there’s a lot of things that people don’t see about the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Amidst the chaos, you need to find solace by shifting your perspective and focusing on what truly matters – ‘’the now’’. 

The Essence of Entrepreneurial Bliss: ‘Sweet Todays’

The best feeling as an entrepreneur is onboarding a new client, launching your new product or service, or having your team triumph, but it is important to remember to even leave these in the present. Sometimes we get too caught up in the successes of the past and get complacent or think we are invincible. That is most certainly not the case and has been the downfall of many entrepreneurs before you. Don’t make the same mistake! 

Khayyam’s Moral: Relish the Present Moment

Khayyam’s moral is clear: embrace the present moment. Take a break and live in the present, enjoy the little things, but keep things moving. Remember what got you to where you are and build on it – you will build an empire.