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The pros and cons of using website builders as opposed to hiring a website development company

8 May 2023 admin

So, you want to build a website but don’t know what your best solution is? Worry not. In this blog, we will be breaking down the pros and cons of using website builders vs hiring a web developer. 

We’ve all been there – initiating a project and having the debate of whether you can do it on your own or if you need professional help. There’s no right answer here, but let’s explore those options a little deeper, shall we? 

What is a website builder? 

It’s basically a tool or a DIY method that anyone from anywhere around the world can use to create their own websites without needing any help from a professional. A good common-world example would be wix. com. There is no need to write code or anything of that nature, it’s quite a straightforward and relatively quick process. 

The advantages of this method are as follows: 

It is extremely flexible 

You get to do everything on your own terms. Everything you need is already built into the interface and it’s very convenient. 

Costs peanuts 

Yes, right. It costs next to nothing because you’re completely cutting out the professional charges that would be needed if you were to go with a company instead. 

Creative control 

This method gives you complete control over everything from the content, font, colours and so on. You’ll spend less time explaining how you want it and more time making it the way you want. 


Slower site speeds 

Millions of people have subdomains on these websites, which means there’s always the chance of servers being overworked, making the site extremely slow. 

Hidden costs 

There are always upgrades and hidden costs when it comes to these hosting websites. Even if it’s advertised as “free” there’s usually always a catch. As a smart marketer once said “if something is free, you are the product”. 


There are always watermarks and such on these websites that could take away from the credibility of what you have done on your website. It gives off a perception of being “cheap” to some users and thus may work against you. 

Not SEO optimized 

Since you are competing with other websites on the same hosting service, your content will not stand out and may get lost in the depths of Google never to show up in searches. 

What is a website development company? 

A website development company is a professional organizations that specializes in creating websites from scratch. 

Advantages of hiring a website development company:  

Creative approach 

Most of these companies have logged up hundreds of thousands of man hours in working with websites, so they know all the new trends and can think of creative ways to make your website stand out. 

SEO friendly 

Since your site will be a standalone website, getting your content ranked on Google will be an absolute breeze. 


When a company is working on your website, you can tell them the most intricate details you’d like to see on your website and they can get it done for you. 



The main concern here is the cost. Since there is a physical person or team working on your website, you will be paying professional prices. 

Takes time 

To build a good website from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes time isn’t something one has, so this is a factor to really consider when making a decision. 

Lack of control 

You basically have zero control once the site is up and running. If there is an issue with the site, you will either have to call the person that made the website to fix it or hire someone completely new, both of which would cost you money. 

In conclusion, there are instances where using a website designer is better than hiring a company, but it depends on what exactly you need done and for what purpose the website is being built. 

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