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Strategy vs. Tactic: Don’t confuse your map with your GPS!

22 Feb 2024 admin

Do you ever feel like (don’t worry, I’m not quoting Katy Perry) you’re running around the digital world like a headless chicken? Posting here, tweeting there, blasting emails everywhere, but somehow nothing clicks? Chill, that’s probably because you’re confusing your digital strategy with your digital tactics. 

Let’s break it down:

Think of your strategy as your epic journey. It’s the big picture, your North Star, the “where the heck am I even going?” question. Are you building a tribe of loyal fans? Dominating the search engine game? Launching your side hustle into a unicorn business? Whatever it is, your strategy sets the direction.

Now, tactics are like your GPS navigation. They’re the specific actions you take to get there. Running Instagram ads, crafting killer blog posts, or partnering with cool influencers – those are all tactics that help you navigate your way towards your strategic goals.

Here’s the key: don’t just jump into tactics without a strategy. It’s like trying to drive across the country without even knowing where you’re going. You might end up in Florida when you wanted California.

Here’s how to avoid the digital wilderness:

1. Start with the big picture: What do you wanna achieve in the digital world? Be specific, but keep it chill.

2. Break it down: What smaller goals do you need to hit to get there? Think bite-sized wins, not Mount Everest.

3. Choose your weapons: Now, pick the tactics that fit your goals and vibe. Don’t just copy everyone else, do you, rebel?

4. Track your progress: Are you actually getting closer to your epic destination? Don’t be afraid to adjust your tactics if things get lost in translation. Remember, strategy is your compass, and tactics are your steps. With both working together, you’ll conquer the digital world like a boss, no headless chicken vibes necessary.