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Think Maldives

Think Maldives is a traditional marketing agency based out of the beautiful island paradise nation of the Maldives. They are a full-service advertising agency with a portfolio comprising of the most prestigious names in the country. Formed in 2005, their team brings together local talent that combines knowledge, creativity and organizational strength to create and execute advertising and marketing campaigns nationwide.

The issue

They are possibly the most well-known agency in the Maldives, however they only handle traditional media and they needed some of Beyond’s magic touch in terms of digital, such as social media advertizing, SEO, website and mobile development.

How we delivered

Our team here at Beyond worked their magic to give Think Maldives the results they were looking for, allowing them to offer their customers a combination of traditional advertizing and all that digital can offer. We have worked on numerous projects together for government projects, tourism related projects, and a large project in the job market. Our partnership with Think Maldives continues to be great and our team enjoys collaborating and working with theirs to share knowledge and expertise!