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Kapper is a start-up based in France that is launching a social media commerce app that is hyper local. Working closely with local government Klapper aims to drive traffic into local commerce in city and town centers. They use influencer marketing to promote products and services in an Instagram like format. It is inspired by the runaway success of Xiaohongshu Chinese app (in English it is called Little Red Book) which allows users to find and share information about local businesses. Many supercenters have been eating into the market shares of smaller city centers across Europe and this is an issue because it causes job losses, and those job losses translate to increased government spending on unemployment benefits. As you’d imagine, these city centers were now close to becoming deserted and many shops were struggling to stay afloat.

The issue

Our team had to make an app that is easy to use, even by older people, that is engaging and that takes the best features from other social apps and from Xiaohongshu but also has it’s own character and specificity?

How we delivered

Beyond has been a part of this initiative from its inception, providing insight, advice, and direction on exactly how we think the app should look, feel and operate. Our team provided amazing user flows, user experiences as well as user interfaces to make sure the app is attractive, interactive, and pleasing to the eye aesthetically. We made this project our own, getting heavily involved because this wasn’t just a case of creating something, it was something that would directly affect the livelihoods of thousands of hardworking people across France. This made it personal for us and the team worked tirelessly to produce some amazing results We are immensely proud of the team for this one in particular!