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Job Center

Job Center


Job Center

An initiative of the Maldivan government’s Ministry of Economic Development to create a platform for job listings to be posted and potential candidates to be found in order to reduce the rate of unemployment.

The issue

Maldives main source of revenu is tourism and that is seasonal. This creats an uneven labor market that has dips which creates havoc in the local job market. This has knockdown effects on the government’s finances, as unemployment is a heavy burden.

How we delivered

We at Beyond worked our magic once again in order to carry out effective and retentive social media campaigns, created an attractive user interface, user flow, and user experience for their website, created a website registration platform, and significantly grew their social media presence in order to spread awareness about the project and direct traffic towards the website. We really enjoyed this project because of the benefits it posed to thousands of people affected by seasonal unemployment in the Maldives, and we would say this one turned out to be a success!