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The market for workforce management solutions has a few large-scale players but none of them cater to small to medium sized businesses. Gravity BI came to Beyond to propel their social presence as a new player entering the market to help them stand out from the rest of the competition.

The issue

Look at the global market right now; any industry of your choice. There are always large conglomerates that bully and drive out smaller market entrants and that isn’t right. This product had a special place for us here at Beyond because it was geared towards helping smaller companies compete with the larger companies by automating and digitizing their Human Resource / Human Capital’s work. You may be wondering why that’s so important – it’s because the less time people spend on manual processes, the more time they have to spend motivating the workforce and iron out any creases in their processes, in addition to saving time and money.

How we delivered

In terms of new approaches to content, we thought a human-centric approach for Gravity BI was the best approach to take as no other competitors were doing this. Empathy is what drives human interaction and we knew this was the way to go. The first phase focused on highlighting key issues regarding workforce management solutions and the importance of digitizing, even for a small to medium sized business. The second and third phase included focusing on Gravity’s target audience, USPs and giving Gravity BI a name, face and animated character in order to bring out empathy and to build familiarity with the audience where they would instantly recognize a post that belonged to Gravity BI while scrolling through their newsfeeds. We took more of a storyline approach as opposed to just spewing facts and figures at the audience because we thought this method would boost engagement and brand awareness.